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Like a Ninja, you want your seams to be nearly invisible. At American Acrylic Adhesives, LLC., we are committed to providing you with the best adhesive and the color matches in the industry. Ninja Hybrid Glue is the first glue designed and formulated by a fabricator for fabricators that is owned by former fabricators! Our goal is simple, make the fabricator’s job easier and better. And we know how to do that because we know what you need!

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The Ninja Advantage

  • A true Hybrid glue that transcends the solid and hard surface industries
  • Excellent adhesion to stone, quartz, porcelain, marble, polyesters, acrylics
    and much more
  • A lower viscosity with dripless features for ease of use
  • Glue with excellent spread ability
  • Fewer colors that you can do more with
  • Extensive colors for the hard to match surface colors
  • Matches to most of the competitors’ glue colors
  • Comprehensive color charts for solid surface, quartz and stone colors
  • Ninja Glue has the same great colors you have been used to in the past
  • Customer colors with NO minimums
  • Availabe in with the Sulzer Mixpac cartridges in 50ml, 250ml, and 500ml sizes
  • Expert advice: Simply put, we are dedicated to our customers. We know
    what it’s like, and we’re here for you.

Tactical Color Selection

In our experience, most shops can operate effectively using the following small stock of colors:

  • 199 Clear, for dark colors (such as black) or very translucent colors
  • 218 Ice, for dark colors or very translucent colors, dark blues, dark greens, dark
    browns, etc.
  • 220 Misty, for medium-dark colors or slightly less-translucent light colors
  • 214 Natural, for neutral colors
  • 120 Cameo, for cameo and whitish translucent colors, off-whites, light greys
  • 604 Mesa, for medium browns and variations of browns
  • 111 Glacier, for bright whites
  • 101 Winter, for more opaque whites
  • 230 Beach, for more opaque neutral colors
  • 800 Chameleon, for stone and translucent colors, and glass-type colors