Ninja Flex HT 290 ML (1 Part)

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Ninja Flex High Tack (HT) is a low-VOC, advanced hybrid polymer with an extremely high initial tack – ideal for vertical applications. Developed specifically as a professional, universal adhesive, Ninja Flex HT cures under the influence of atmospheric moisture to form a durable, elastic rubber. Not only is Ninja Flex HT paintable, but it is able to adhere to itself and the most common building surfaces including, porcelain, stone, wood, MDF, concrete, glass, plasterboard, PVC, ceramic, metal, stainless steel, fiber cement, most Kynar resin-based coatings, and brick among others. Test adhesion prior to installation. Ninja Flex is best dispensed with a high ratio caulk gun  (18:1 or greater is preferable.)

For easy sink installation, apply adhesive to the outside of the sink flange, lift sink into place and nestle.  Once adhesive presses between the sink and countertop, most common sinks, including stainless steel and porcelain sinks, will hold in place without clamping or clips, however it is a good idea to clamp the sink through the drain for 10-15 minutes for proper alignment until glue skins.  Ninja Flex HT is not recommended for cast iron sinks or heavy concrete sinks unless properly supported due to weight.

Ninja Flex HT is available in STEEL GREY for stainless sink installations and WHITE for Porcelain and other composition sink installations.